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About us

CP Furniture Systems Middle East JLT belongs to the Christmann & Pfeifer Group that was founded in 1925 and has a turnover of around 180 Million Euros.
This German manufacturer operates throughout the world, employing over 1000 people at home and abroad. Ist unique selling points include market leadership in elegant steel furnishings as well as intelligent, user-friendly integration of technology in modern furnishings for practically all areas of use, e.g. offices, conference, and meeting rooms, changing facilities, bistros, workshops, warehouses, laboratories and many more.
The range of services starts with the supply of individual items and ends with full-service contract furnishing.

Products and services

Office & archiving
C+P supplies desks, chairs, cabinets, bookcases, partitions, and communication and acoustic solutions for uniformly designed office areas and healthy workplaces.

Acoustics & room systems
In addition to stand-alone partition systems, C+P has acoustic elements built into the wall or ceiling, workspace dividers with acoustic effects, and movable walls.

Conferences & communication
C+P meets the highest demands when it comes to modern and sophisticated design and integrates cutting-edge communication technology into meeting situations.

Changing rooms & cloakrooms
One of C+P’s core competencies is developing and producing steel lockers for use in changing rooms and cloakrooms in all segments: high-quality and esthetic solutions for the fitness, wellness, commercial, and healthcare sectors.

Climate Office
Climate Office refers to a holistic and sustainable air-conditioning, acoustic and greening concept. The concept is based on biophilic design approaches.


Workflow moves people! It is scientifically proven, and your own experience will also prove us right: Permanently sitting in the same position harms the spine, fails to stimulate the body, and dulls creativity. Most conventional height-adjustable desks only allow the height of the entire work surface to be adjusted. Thanks to the double-top philosophy, it is possible to “stand up and stretch your legs regularly” without constantly having to raise and lower the table.



Lockers in perfection and design at its best
The visual appearance of these furniture items can be chosen to suit the architectural concept with no compromises necessary. Individually manufactured HPL decor, glass, real-wood veneer, and steel doors offer maximum design possibilities: minimalist and clean, basic or playful, taking center stage or concealed behind other design elements. One special feature is the individually controlled room lighting integrated into the top cover of the lockers.

Climate Office & Cegano Meeting

Climate Office & Cegano Meeting

Climate Office is an integrated and sustainable solution for climate control, air purification, acoustics, and greening.
Based on the biophilic design principle, we bring a piece of nature into the work environment by using natural elements such as water and plants to create a healthy indoor climate and to increase human wellbeing.
Cegano Meeting: Integrating digital connections and making it possible to share your own content with other participants creates a new dynamic meeting culture.


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CP Furniture Systems Middle East JLT
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